Quick Guide: Accessorizing for Special Occasions

Quick Guide: Accessorizing for Special Occasions

If we learned anything from last night’s Oscars red carpet, it’s that you don’t need to go overboard when accessorizing for special occasions!  

Top Left: Regina King in orange halter dress with diamond and emerald drop earrings. Top Right: Zendaya in black and pink sequined dress with diamond and ruby drop earrings. Bottom Left: America Ferrera wearing a pink sequined dress with diamond stud earrings and a diamond and ruby necklace. Bottom Right: Gabrielle Union-Wade in a silver sequined dress with diamond stud earrings, diamond necklace with a sapphire pendant, and diamond rings.

Diamond and pearl jewelry is always the perfect go-to for these events. We spotted diamonds GALORE, but you can add a pop of color with single colored gemstones like Regina King, Zendaya, America Ferrera, and Gabrielle Union-Wade.

Top Left: Lupita Nyong'o wearing a lilac v-neck dress with feathered fringe detailing, diamond drop earrings and rings. Top Right: Ava Duvernay wearing a lilac square neckline dress with silver buckle detailing and a red ceasefire pin, diamond dangle earrings, diamond and sapphire rings, and holding a red clutch with diamond trim. Bottom Left: Eva Longoria wearing a black curve-structured dress with diamond stud earrings and a diamond open necklace. Bottom Right: Danielle Brooks wearing a black strapless dress with silver piping detail and diamond drop earrings, diamond tennis bracelet, bracelet and rings.

Many opted to wear drop/dangle earrings paired with ornate bracelets and rings (Zendaya, Lupita Nyong’o, Ava Duvernay, and Danielle Brooks) or simple studs with a short single layer or pendant necklace (Eva Longoria and America). You DON’T need to wear ALL the pieces of jewelry you can! 

A necklace is not always needed as we saw with Lupita, Ava, and Regina. Let the earrings, clutch, and details on your garment do most of the talking. 

But ultimately, keep it elegant and classy!


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