Meet the B+B Collection

Meet the B+B Collection

Inspired by and named in honor of my parents... Betty & Bill... the B+B Collection.

My parents

Admittedly, I am NOT a wristwatch-wearer. I have had MANY watches over the years, but no matter how cute they were, I usually forgot to put them on or just found them to be annoying when I wore them. I've felt this way ever since I can remember, going all the way back to a McDonald's watch with a gold face and pink leather band (I have no idea why McDonald's had a watch like this). And after the invention of cell phones (yes, I'm that old young), I don't think I'll ever want another watch anyway, but my parents LOVED their watches and never went anywhere without them. I still have my dad's two-toned watch in my childhood jewelry box along with some of my mom's jewelry. So when I decided to curate a collection in their honor, it went without saying that I wanted it to reflect pieces they wore... like their wristwatches, of course!

My dad's watch and my mom's pair of earrings that served as inspiration for the B+B Collection.

With this mini collection, I decided to keep the classic two-toned rollie chainlink design for our matching B+B Hoops and B+B Bracelet set. This design is also offered in gold (hoop earrings only) and silver (bracelet only).

B+B HoopsB+B Bracelet

Also included are pieces inspired by and named in honor of both of my parents. Our Betty Hoops are inspired by my mom, who had yet another watch with a band design just like this one. Our Billie Chain Necklace is named after my dad and one of the many nicknames I had for him. And last, but not least, our Xena Mini Hoops are inspired by two-toned earrings from my mother's jewelry collection and named after a 90s show that my dad and I used to watch.


Betty HoopsBillie Chain NecklaceXena Mini Hoops
All of these pieces (with the exception of the Betty Hoops - made of gold-plated copper) were created using stainless steel, making them 100% hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and tarnish-resistant.

This is a very personal collection for me, and I hope the timeless and essential pieces in this collection will become some of your favorites and be passed down to your future generations.
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